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Travelling is breaking boundaries. To travel is to fuel that inner spark of natural curiosity that leads us to explore. Leads us to pursue new ways, and see the world in a different light every day. Discover new places. People. Faces. Gestures. A world of unexpected opportunities.

Momondo builds on a rare blend of humanity and technology, infused by the Danish founder and entrepreneur Thorvald Stigsen, who possesses a unique mix of creative intuition and mathematical skills from his diverse background in it-programming and modern theatre. The ambition was and still is to create a global brand – not merely a functionality like most competitors, but a bold and colourful travel universe to unite users, inspiring to meet the world eye to eye. Inspirational travel search is not just a matter of data, it is bringing data to life. Giving them a voice, a tune, a colour and an expression – transforming them into insights that open our eyes to new possibilities and paths of adventures.

In the end it is all about people. Bringing people to exchange new ideas and share genuine stories. There is nothing like being there looking each other in the eye.

Our Company

Here at Brightangeltravels, we believe in keeping things simple and affordable.You can be assured that our service is

Safe: We are always ready to answer your queries and our in depth experience always ensures that you are in knowledgeable and professional hands.

Secure We constantly monitor activity on our website to ensure its integrity and security. We never share any information what so ever to any third parties and follow a strict ‘no spam’ policy.

Simple: We follow the most innovative business practices to ensure that our customers find the process of applying visas convenient and simple. We thank you for your interest in our company and invite you to begin your holiday experience by acquiring your travel visa hassle free.


In 2006 a small group of skilled and dedicated Danish developers united around a mission: to open the world. Challenging the dogmas of the flight industry, they created momondo: a free, independent online flight search offering full price transparency across the market. Putting their highly specialized skill within coding, robot building and programming to work, they provided people with an un-manipulated listing of all flight prices in the entire world – and made it available to everybody.

Bright Angel Travels has consistently aspired to be a reliable and approachable tour operator that makes good its promises, something which has been lauded by customers and industry experts alike.

  • Top Rated Deals Guaranteed - Being a customer-driven travel company, we fully understand the desires as well as compulsions of the traveler
  • Hassle Free Holiday Planning - Be it special budget travelling, family holidays, honeymoons or adventure tours, we can make it in a click for you.
  • Best Upcoming Inbound Tour Operators in India - We are consistently aspired to be a reliable and approachable tour operator


Bright Angel Travel is one of India's leading online travel portals, offering holiday packages in India and abroad. Bright Angel Travel offers value for money packages, luxury packages, group departures as well as customized packages.


We believe life begins outside your comfort zone. Ride on scenic routes, scale mountains, dive into the blue or sail across the world with our Safe, Sustainable and Social adventures.